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– 2015 Product of the Year – Sports Product Review
– 2016 USTA Top 3 Products for Family Tennis
– 2017 Tennis Industry Association Innovation Award Finalist
– Currently used in 38 Countries
– Currently used by 60+ Master/Elite Professionals
– Currently used by 30+ International/National/State Pros of the Year
– Currently used in schools, Special Olympics and Autism Programs

The Sweet Spot Matters!

The only tennis training system that can guarantee improvement in 15 minutes or less!

Hitting the Sweet Spot is the most important skill in any ball striking sport, especially tennis. In tennis, the target/bulls eye is the Sweet Spot, where the ball lands on the strings. The Sweet Spot is where you get the most amount of power using the least amount of energy. Hitting the Sweet Spot gives you that undeniable desire to want to keep playing more! It’s when you say “Wow! How did I do that? I want to do it again!”

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is a revolutionary ball feeding system that eliminates the distraction of the ball flying over the net which instinctively retrains your eye to increase the percentage of balls that hit the Sweet Spot, at every level of play. In a few hours!

Why is that important?

Let’s put it this way. Players on the pro tour only hit the Sweet Spot 50% of the time. That means even they are at greater risk of making errors 50% of the time and that number rises to 90% for the rest of us. We can now change that in just 5-10 minutes a day at home while practicing 17 different shots for every level of play.

With Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach, you can become the best player you can be in a matter of weeks…and we are the only training system that can guarantee it!

Features of Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach:

– Spinning Ball: Improves topsin and underspin on 17 shots.
– Triple Spring System: Simulates live play with 1 to 2 second interval rally feeds.
– Timing Skills Arm: Improves balance by 56%.
– Tracking Skills Bar: Improves footwork and recovery by 33%.
– Power Skills Disk: Allows advanced training up to 80 mph.


Pete Collins

Emma Doyle

Steve Keller

“OnCourt OffCourt products are helping thousands of kids in Spain improve their tennis. In Spain, over 500 tennis schools have invested in OnCourt OffCourt training aids. Special thanks to Joe Dinoffer for his innovative ideas that make teaching tennis more fun and effective.”

Fernando Delgado
President, Technology Sport
Madrid, Spain

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