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Everyday Wellness: Training Smarter and Debunking Myths

Every day, countless people suffer from aches and pains they THINK are normal.

In fact, things like back and neck pain have cost Americans billions in lost hours, expensive surgeries, and medications.

Even collegiate and high school athletes can sometimes require surgery to try to recover from injuries and keep playing at their level.

Seemingly, few people are immune to nagging aches and pains and injuries.

In this webinar, Everyday Wellness: Training Smarter and Debunking Myths, we delve deep into the fitness myths which may be keeping us injured and the exercises and stretches we can do instead that may be able to better help get rid of everyday aches and pain.

Fitness experts Kalindi and Josh collectively have thousands of hours of playing, coaching, and researching racquet and paddle sports providing them with a wealth of knowledge and insight.

The problem with these fitness myths is in two parts:

  1. These myths pass the eye test, meaning they’re easy to believe and easy to spread
  2. These myths can exacerbate the problems they were meant to solve

Many have likely suffered because of these myths, but the truth is catching up!

Every day, more people step away from the no pain, no gain mentality because it just doesn’t work.

In this webinar, wellness experts reveal the truth behind fitness myths that have caused untold damage like:

  • Tight muscles should always be stretched
  • Workouts should focus on our strongest muscle groups, the ones we use the most
  • Training takes hours each day to get results

You’ll also get a few easy-to-do exercises that utilize a unique 3-prong approach to train the body and the brain together. It takes both the brain and muscles working together to make balanced your new default state.

A body in balance is THE foundation for your whole life, on and off the court.


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