Everything You Need For Home Tennis Practice

In this dynamic series Emma Doyle shares creative tips and training to take your forehand to the next level!

Tip 1: Medicine Ball

Stay safe on the pickleball court with these easy to remember tips that will keep you from spreading unwanted germs and bacteria.

By keeping distance and protecting yourself, you can get back to the court for some practice without having to worry about getting sick!


Tip 2: Skipping Rope

Looking for a high-intensity workout that doesn’t just make you sweat, but helps you build the skills needed to take your pickleball game to the next level?

You’re in luck – this super simple exercise is easy to do, even at home, and will help transform your game!

Tip 3: Arm Pocket Developer

Every pickleball player wants to hit with more power.

The professionals get that power by using their wrist to transfer their racquet speed straight into the ball.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend years or even months to get that kind of power. With the Wrist Racquet from OnCourt OffCourt, you’ll get an inventive training aid that helps you feel the exact motions to get the kind of shot that will make other players jealous!

Tip 4: Tac-Tic Wrist Trainer

Big backswings can actually ruin a core aspect of your pickleball game!

Learning to be compact and tight has never been easier than with the Backswing Solution from OnCourt OffCourt.

This unique training aid will help you control your backswing and develop the exact technique needed to make those tricky shots like never before!

Catching Racquet

Pickleball volleys come quick and come often, leaving many players on their heels, just trying to catch up.

Learn to pick up your volleying with the Catching Racquet from OnCourt OffCourt. This training aid is designed to get you thinking about and feeling the exact motions needed to generate a more consistent, better volley.

Different Foam Balls

All you need is a wall to take your pickleball practice inside as long as you have these Foam Balls from OnCourt OffCourt.

These varieties of balls will let you take your practice anywhere you want and offer you something new and interesting. This is great for players of all levels, especially kids that are just trying pickleball out for the first time!

Hand Racquets

One thing that’s really important nowadays is to keep having fun when you can.

Obviously we all need to be safe, but once you have the right precautions in place, you should look to have a little fun.

One thing both adults and kids can do, separate or with your quarantine partner, is to use the Hand Racquets from OnCourt OffCourt while your at the court, in the driveway, or playing in the yard.

All you need is a racquet and a ball and you can get a good workout in that also works your core tennis skills, while also having a blast. Kids really love it!


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