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Free Return of Serve Training Video Series
by the Pros
It has been proven, again and again, that the return of serve is the most under-practiced, underappreciated shot in all of tennis for how imperative it is for every player.

And that little secret has cost many players, seasoned and new, old and young, a lot of success. 

But the secret is out. 

And now it’s time to unlock the power behind the return of serve and change how you play and coach tennis forever. 

And these free training videos from OnCourt OffCourt are the perfect way to start. 

These videos are expertly made with the rich and professional history of OnCourt OffCourt behind them. In this training, you’ll know and see…
  • ​The sound reasoning why the return of serve is the most important shot in all of tennis… and how just knowing that can improve your game
  • ​Why focusing on the three most important shots in all of tennis can impact over 70% of your game   
  • ​Insight from professionals and coaches that will alter the very way you think about the game… along with how you play it
  • ​How to create a unique training regiment that closely mimics real-game scenarios making development faster… and more enjoyable
  • ​Why rounding out your array of returns with the drop shot can help you beat vastly better players
  • ​Why the most iconic shot in all of tennis is iconic for a very good reason
  • ​And much, much more!
If you want to see these unique videos for yourself, simply fill out the form and you’ll get OnCourt OffCourt’s entire return of serve video training!
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Pete Collins
Emma Doyle
Steve Keller
"OnCourt OffCourt products are helping thousands of kids in Spain improve their tennis. In Spain, over 500 tennis schools have invested in OnCourt OffCourt training aids. Special thanks to Joe Dinoffer for his innovative ideas that make teaching tennis more fun and effective."

Fernando Delgado
President, Technology Sport
Madrid, Spain
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