Snap Racquet

Challenge: I’m too tense and tight on my strokes and, therefore, have trouble accelerating.

Solution: The Snap Racquet snaps at contact to help players accelerate like the top pros in the world! Perfectly weighted to use as a warm-up swing aid as well as a stroke and timing improvement tool. The Snap Racquet uses kinesthetic and auditory biofeedback to guide players to improve up to 4 times faster than without any guidance aid, according to clinical studies in sports training.

Here’s how it works: On every single stroke in tennis, the racquet head is either going up or going down at a very specific moment for correct and efficient technique. Every time the racquet head swings up or down, there’s a loud snap. Every single stroke has an ideal time for that snap to take place. Helps all strokes!

Perfectly weighted! Use as a warm-up swing aid or stroke and timing improvement tool.

Product shot sequences can be easily viewed in the Instructions link above and also by clicking on the images above.

Includes detailed photo instructions.

Watch the video clips by clicking the watch button above to see the Snap Racquet in action!


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