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Challenge: I have trouble consistently controlling their toss and getting a consistent rhythm on my serve.

Solution: The toss fixer is designed to help you toss your ball to a consistent height.

How it Works:

The serve is the most important shot in tennis. And, without a consistent toss (both height and placement), a consistent serve is unachievable. In fact, most would argue that tossing the ball to a consistent height is one of the biggest tossing problems that players have, since it directly affects the rhythm of the swing. And, of tossing height problems, the most common mistake is that players toss the ball much higher than needed.

The problems that come from tossing too high are well known. 1. The ball drops faster, making timing difficult. 2. On windy days, toss control becomes impossible. 3. Tossing accuracy is more difficult, the higher the ball is thrown. 4. It is easier to get “out of rhythm” and have more frequent bad serving days.

Using the Toss Fixer is simple:

1. Attach the wrist strap to your tossing hand with the cord connection on the inside of your wrist.

2. The cord length is adjustable. Just before contact with each serve, your tossing hand “recoils” to a spot around stomach height. Therefore, set the length of the cord to extend from your stomach to about the top edge of your racquet (as a starting point). But, ultimately, set the height of your toss to whatever position you feel comfortable as long as the result is a reliable and effective serve!

3. Attach a regular tennis ball to the Velcro circle.

4. Relax, go through your normal service ritual, and remember to FORGET that the ball is attached to a strap. Don’t worry, if you toss too high, the ball will be jerked downwards when your tossing hand “recoils” as shown in the photo sequence below.

5. After a handful of serves with the Toss Fixer in place, try serving without it and make sure you have an improved feel for the height of your toss. If not, repeat the process.


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